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based in Pune, Maharashtra

we are the leading manufacturer (OEM) of "Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Ultrasonic Processor/Sonicator, Ultrasonic Equipments" fruitfully catering our domestic & International clients offering the best range of products ever. At ULTRA AUTOSONIC INDIA, we believe that technological innovation and collaboration are the cornerstones on which to build a better product. We are research driven, and continually refine and broaden our product line by aggressively investing in R&D and working closely with laboratory and production personnel around the globe. Our Machines are engineered to precision, Perfection & bear the hallmark of supreme Quality. We are Mostly Dedicated for Customer Satisfaction. Constant innovations help to ensure that, in many applications, Ultra Autosonic India has established a lead over competitors that offers added value to customer. Customers in fields such as automotive, packaging and medical technology value the company's comprehensive services and broad range of ultrasonic components for system construction as well as its complete welding systems. In House Facility:- The Company has manufacturing facility of electronics. PCB assembly & testing with adequate facility & testing equipments. Assembly & wire harnessing.

Meet Our Team

Krushna Moholkar

Commercial Director

Santosh Borage

Technical Director

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Ultra Autosonic India, the leading manufacturers of Welding and other machinery products as authorized dealers in Pune are catering to customers of various domains. Here’s what our customers are saying about us.