Ultrasonic Spot welding machine

Ultrasonic spot welders are used to small spot weld to the fabric. The fabric can be easily moved on the table. Starting signals are given by foot-operated switch. Different welding stitching patterns are available.

This high demand machine is made by high quality material & manufactured with standard tools to meet our high-Quality requirements. This machine can be used for vide range of Applications such as – Non-Woven Bag Handle Welding, Surgical Gowns, PP/PC Strips Spot welding, etc.


Ø  Ultrasonic Frequency : 20KHz
Ø  Ultrasonic Power       : 1500W
Ø  Timer Controller : Microcontroller based
Ø  Timer : Digital + Analog Timer
Ø  Time settable : 0 to 9.99 Sec
Ø  Working Pressure    : 2 to 6 bar
Ø  Amplitude Control : In four Stages
Ø  M/c Operating : Foot switch operating
Ø  M/c Size : (600L X 1000W 1100H) mm
Ø  Generator Size : (390L X 220W X 320H) mm
Ø  Total Weight : 58 KG Approx.
Ø  Horn Material : Dia Steel (D2)
Ø  Fixture Material : Dia Steel (D2)
Ø  Fixture Design : As per application
         Operational Requirement
Ø  Input Power Supply : AC 230V 50/60 Hz
Ø  Air Compressor : 1Hp 50Ltr
Ø  CVT : 1.5