Ultrasonic Poultry Manure Belt Welder

Poultry Manure Belt Welder

The specially designed Machine for specific application of Poultry manure belt welding comes with an exceptional low & high voltage protection to avoid from circuit damaging & eliminate the most common cause of machine breakdown.

It comes in a shockproof carrying case. This manure belt welder is lightweight, easy to use and low maintenance. Its generator works with 220/110 V power and it comes with a 5 meters long cable that lets operators get to all battery levels. Because of its small size, it is possible for users to reach difficult spots, allowing for outstanding aesthetic and holding results. Its pistol-shaped handgrip is ergonomic and facilitates making up to 8mm welding points in few tenths of second at a time.

The welder’s Aluminum Casing grip and its ultrasonic horn have been specifically designed to repair manure belt systems.



Ø  Ultrasonic Frequency : 40 KHZ
Ø  Ultrasonic Power       : 500 Watts.
Ø  Timer Controller : Microcontroller based
Ø  Low & High Voltage : Between 180V to 260V Protection
Ø  Line Protection : Line to line power supply protection
Ø  Welding Gun : Aluminum Casing with Pistol Handgrip
Ø  Ultrasonic Cable : Length 5 meters
Ø  Timer : Digital + Analog Timer
Ø  Time settable : 0 to 9.99 Sec
Ø  Circuits : Power transistor Oscillator
Ø  Generator Size : (360L X 220W X 270H) mm
Ø  Total Weight : (Generator + Hand Gun) – 12KG Approx.
Ø  Horn Material : Titanium Alloy
         Operational Requirement
Ø  Input Power Supply : AC 230V 50/60 Hz